What Is Muscle Flushing?

Muscle Flushing is a cutting edge Body Work Massage that is a therapeutic athletic massage combined with stretches, relaxation music, where essential oils are always misting in the air. You can sometimes hear the waves of the ocean during sessions. Sustainable, Increased ROM, sometimes drastically in only a few sessions or less, better sleeps, more energy and better workouts is just some of the common feedback.  Stay tuned for Muscle Flushing 101 course coming out in the fall 2019. Contact us to learn about the next Muscle Flushing 101 school.

What Is BDR?

BDR is an exercise and massage formula copyright protected for guys and girls. Ryan has been studying Health and Massage therapy since the 90's. I'm very passionate about disease prevention, not just in Cancer but help preventing pretty much all diseases, its my job. This new system Ryan created involves an ultra powerful breast exam light that allows you to see through the tissue and measure beneath the skin. In some cases you can even see cysts, and other matter. Breast Density Reduction (BDR) is a game changer system when it comes to a 100% natural alternative to breast implants.


A cutting edge physical therapy discovery developed that opens breast tissues to eliminate toxins and prevent diseases.

The most size Ryan’s clients have gained is 7 inches around the bust (over 2 cup sizes). Results may vary. 

BDR also includes custom workout and nutrition plans.

This helps to circulate and metabolize the congestion in breast tissues. According to etc.; state that science has shown that the more congestion dense your breasts are, the higher your risk is of getting breast cancer. Popular leading sites state to reduce risk: -Maintaining a healthy weight -Exercise regularly -Limit alcohol -Eat nutritious foods -Never smoking (quitting smoking) 

Where Are You Located?

Gastown Vancouver BC, Contact Us for directions and parking.

Do you have showers? Not at the moment 

How Many Sessions Of Muscle Flushing Do People Need?

Most need 10-20 sessions, but some can get away with 5 sessions. You should always bring your doctor notes before 1st session.

How Many Sessions Of BDR Massage Do People Need?

There are too many variables to make accurate time line projections. We can make a more accurate projection after initial in person session.

When Does The Next Semester Start for Massage School?

TBA: Contact Us for directions and parking instructions.

What type of exercises are in the BDR classes?

Core, Glute, Stretching for all types and ages