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Ryan started massage therapy and health coaching in 1998. 

After thousands of clients Ryan has created his own Copyrighted health system. BDR stands of Breast Density Reduction. 

BDR: When the breasts are less dense congested, and circulating properly, some clients have experience side effects of fuller, lifted, larger size differences. 

Results may vary up. Attend sessions with the intentions of achieving another level of optimal health.  

Many Females thinking about getting breast enlargements are trying BDR  first!

Ryan is Very passionate about Cancer awareness. In 2009 Jenn, Ryans wife, helped Ryan cycle across Canada for Cancer Awareness. 

Ryan has had hundreds of interviews across the Nation trying to spread Cancer awareness.  

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Worlds first science based Natural breast enhancement studio.

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Carly Robertson: As a registered massage therapist and personal trainer, I have had the experience of witnessing the outstanding benefits of breast massage on my clients. 

With the preventative medical purpose of boosting lymphatic circulation and decreasing inflammation, it is extremely unfortunate that breast massage has been under-serviced in society as a whole due to social norms of breast tissue as "sexual" or "privates". Because if this, many women suffer from chronic pain, and difficulty creating balance in training their upper body. 

I have experienced Ryan's work, and felt a difference in my shoulder functioning in one treatment. He is extremely talented and professional and works hard for his clients. I would recommend both women and men with any back, neck, or shoulder issues to see Ryan for breast massage. 

He can work on both the mobility of the shoulder due to pectoral tension, and tissue congestion, both being absolutely essential for optimal full body functioning! Great work Ryan and thank you!!!

Approx 6 inch Bust Increase

Approximately 6 inch Bust Increase

Almost 6 inch Bust Increase

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Recognized as an all natural, non-evasive, safe potential alternative to breast implants! 

Learn about this new game changing break through discovery!

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